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Benefit Enrollment Software

Connect the uninsured to coverage


Advocatia's benefit enrollment platform simplifies the financial assistance experience so you can assist more patients enroll in coverage

Benefit Screening™

Benefit Screening is a powerful screening and enrollment platform for financial counselors that optimizes workflow, assists patients obtain coverage, and increases reimbursement for services rendered.

Benefit Text™

Benefit Text increases access to financial assistance, eliminates unnecessary follow-up appointments, and removes the friction when communicating with patients.

Benefit Triage™

Benefit Triage is an automated patient intake platform designed to engage patients in the financial assistance process - meaning financial counselors can assist more patients in less time.

Increase Reimbursement. Decrease Bad Debt. Better Assist Your Patients

Advocatia provides hospitals with solutions to assist their uninsured and underinsured patients. Hospitals that choose Advocatia increase reimbursement, decrease bad-debt, optimize workflows, and enroll more people into coverage. 

Advocatia knows that every patient you assist is unique. That's why you need a financial assistance experience that is personalized to meet the needs of patients seeking assistance.

More than 12 million people are uninsured, but qualify for health care programs. 

There is a better experience to ensure more people get enrolled into coverage.

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