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Simplify. Engage. Enroll.

Simplify the application process

Engage communities to increase benefit awareness

Enroll more patients into Medicaid, Charity Care & SDOH programs

You probably know what your uncompensated care numbers are, but do you know what they should be?

Each year, more than $20 billion of uncompensated care provided by hospitals could have been covered through the right financial assistance programs. More than 12 million people are uninsured but qualify for health care programs.

Advocatia Solutions can help.

Technology built exclusively for matching individuals with all eligible programs means a broader approach to screening

Empower your team and your patients.

Relieve the burden and stress of managing the manual, complex process.


No delayed care.

No delayed payment.

Advocatia delivers measurable, meaningful returns for our customers.

Doctor and Patient
Increase Reimbursement

By streamlining their workflow and appropriately aligning patients with resources, an Advocatia hospital realizes 9.6% more revenue annually.

Improve Performance
Decrease Bad Debt

An Advocatia customer experienced a 23.58% reduction in second placement services, saving them nearly $60K in fees each month.

An Advocatia customer properly assigned 37.63% more patients to appropriate programs

Omnichannel Communication

Advocatia offers solutions that meet the unique needs of your patients and organization. 

The Advocatia Difference

✓ Real-time, personalized messages

✓ Available in 72 languages

✓ Available on any web-based device

✓ EHR integration

✓ Automated outreach campaigns and notifications


Advocatia hospitals help 30% more people find coverage every year. 

Day after day, Advocatia partners with hospitals to help remove financial barriers so that patients can access the care they need today and moving forward.


Advocatia's Benefits Screening platform is a powerful screening and enrollment tool for financial counselors.

Empower Your Team


Our full-service enrollment solution provides the team and technology to equip patients to access the care they need and relieves your team from the stress of managing this complex process.

Put Our Team to Work

Advocatia partners with Louisiana Unite Us

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