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Empower Your Team

Benefits Screening™ Platform

Advocatia delivers a powerful screening and enrollment tool for financial counselors. Designed exclusively to turn over every rock when it comes to identifying resources, it streamlines the process and helps your team manage 30% more patients.

  • Optimize workflow and eliminate unnecessary follow-up

  • Assist patients in obtaining coverage

  • Remove friction when communicating with patients

  • Automatic catch outreach with patients within 24 hours

  • Touch every patient regardless of minimal thresholds


We know reaching out for help isn't easy.

Advocatia streamlines the process of finding the coverage and resources available as simple as possible through our unprecedented technology and proven processes.

Empower Your Team

Whether we arm your team or deploy ours, we bring to the table three powerful tools that drive proactive enrollment.

Benefit Screening™

Benefit Screening is a powerful screening and enrollment platform for financial counselors that optimizes workflow, assists patients obtain coverage, and increases reimbursement for services rendered.

Benefit Text™

Benefit Text increases access to financial assistance, eliminates unnecessary follow-up appointments, and removes the friction when communicating with patients.

Benefit Triage™

Benefit Triage is an automated patient intake platform designed to engage patients in the financial assistance process - meaning financial counselors can assist more patients in less time.

Put Our Team to Work

Full Service Solution

Equip your patients to access the care they need with our full-service financial assistance and benefits enrollment solution. Relieve your team from the burden and stress of managing this complex process.

  • Advocatia dedicated team

  • Screen all self-pay accounts to identify eligible patients

  • Review determinations for possible follow-up activities

  • Assist with any volume and account, regardless of dollar value

  • Assist with appeals as necessary

  • Represent client and patient interest at hearings

  • Conduct outreach to build awareness and identify individuals to enroll

  • Follow-up with patient to complete the enrollment process

Put Our Team to Work
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