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Innovation Opportunities in Medicaid

Late last year there was a series of round tables - that took place in Nashville, Boston, Denver, and Washington, DC. The focus was on improving implementing, funding, and scaling Medicaid delivery systems

One aspect the panels looked into was “Member Engagement”, which means how to find, motivate, and empower patients to be diligent and committed in managing their health. It’s a really tough issue, particularly because as a participant from Boston put it:

"Even the best predictive analytics can’t engage someone who isn’t in our system."

Four of the biggest challenges relative to patient engagement were identified as:

  • Finding members and staying in touch, especially if they are transient or frequently rolling on and off coverage

  • Equipping and incentivizing patients to navigate the health system in ways that make appropriate use of benefits

  • Providing access to care that accounts for the realities and stressors common in the lives of low-income patients

  • Equipping providers to deliver care that meets patients’ wide range of language and cultural needs.

Many great insights came out of these events - and here is the event site, and here is a wonderful interactive infographic sharing the challenges, insights and innovators.

Advocatia is pleased and proud to be identified as an innovator in helping drive patient engagement.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help drive engagement and coverage for your uninsured population


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