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Can you enroll uninsured patients using mobile?

Yes. And mobile engagement supplements your existing workflow, assists more patients find coverage, helps decrease bad-debt, and creates an audit trail of enrollment. This win-win solution will have your patients AND your CFO saying "Thank You!"

Mobile use by healthcare systems is at an all-time high and it has already been adopted by administration, registration, patient rooms, nursing stations and more to enhance workflows. The financial assistance and medicaid enrollment process needs to follow and transform right alongside this. Hospitals need to move beyond exclusively enrolling patients within their 4 walls, because that's not how all patients engage with the health system anymore. Here are a few stats to consider.

  • 90% of healthcare providers surveyed have implemented, or are planning to implement, a mobile device initiative as a means to improve patient care, facilitate efficiencies within care teams or both.*

  • 96% reported an increase in patient experience scores when mobile devices were deployed, with a third of those claiming major improvement.*

Mobile in the ER for financial assistance:

  • ER patients often lack specific information (Policy #'s, dates, income levels, etc) needed to determine coverage eligibility.

  • Once gone from the hospital, patients often forget about completing forms and applications.

Medicaid beneficiaries:

  • Are just as likely to own smartphones as the general population.

  • Are just as likely to use technology for health purposes as the general population.  Texting is the most used method of communication for individuals under the age of 50 and 95% of this group text at least once per day

Take action:

If you would like to extend your enrollment options into the community by offering a mobile solutions, take the first step by scheduling a free consultation & demo HERE.

*New Jamf mobility study


Advocatia can help

Advocatia has streamlined the enrollment experience for financial counselors and uninsured patients. Instead of having counselors fill out multiple paper forms or asking patients to navigate confusing state websites, our platform allows financial counselors to focus on what matters - helping people connect to coverage. Advocatia can help you enroll more uninsured patients, reduce your bad-debt, and improve community outcomes.


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