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Advocatia partners with Live Chair Health to help drive better health in their communities

Advocatia’s innovative technology helps the uninsured and under-resourced connect with social and safety net programs like Medicaid, SNAP, WIC, and CHIP to improve access to care and health outcomes for the communities they serve.

Chicago, IL- November 10, 2021- Advocatia’s technology and outreach services connect communities with the vital resources that help improve access to care and address the social determinants that drive better health such as healthcare, access to food and shelter, and resources to support children and families. Advocatia has joined the transformational conversations Live Chair Health has with ethnic minority communities through their community hubs like barbershops and salons.

“We are thrilled to align with one of a community’s ultimate influencers, the trusted barber, to share information about the services and resources available to the members of ethnic minority communities,” noted Advocatia CEO, Ryan Brebner. “Access to care and health outcomes can be dramatically impacted by educating the community and helping to enroll people in programs that support their families.”

More than 18 percent of the people in the communities served by Live Chair Health are uninsured and an even larger percentage have unmet social determinants of health. According to a recent McKinsey study on social determinants of health, 45 percent of those with food insecurities or other unmet social needs report poor physical health and high healthcare utilization. Respondents to the study reported 2.5 times higher emergency room utilization for those with food insecurities and are twice as likely to have an inpatient stay.

“The conversations we foster between trusted community liaisons in the community with their customers have dramatically increased awareness and better health outcomes,” shared Andrew Suggs, CEO and founder of Live Chair Health. “Partnering with Advocatia helps close the loop for people of these communities by not only making them aware of the resources available but by helping to get them enrolled and experiencing the benefits of these vital programs.”

“Every conversation matters,” stated Brebner. “We believe that safety net programs are there for a reason. By engaging with people in an environment where they feel secure, we are able to build trust and guide individuals through the process of accessing the care and resources they are entitled to,” he continued.

Identification and enrollment services are free to the community and are subsidized by local healthcare providers and community resources.

About Live Chair Health Live Chair Health (LCH) serves as a health plan and system strategic partner for minority member engagement, activation, and management. LCH gets members to be aware of, and take actions, that plans and systems value, but have difficulty getting its members to do. LCH is on a mission to remedy health disparities and extend the lives of minorities by helping them better manage their health risks, and prevent chronic conditions from deteriorating into full-blown diseases.

Minorities have more health & social risks and chronic diseases, and as a result, have worse health outcomes, shorter lifespans, suboptimal healthcare utilization, high costs, and poor care experiences. LCH is addressing this by ensuring minorities have health insurance; and then, helping them properly utilize covered services, such as preventive screenings and regular care from a primary care provider. Learn more at

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